2017 El Jaala Grotto MOVPER Officers:

Rex Quijano of Ravenswood Lodge as Monarch

Brian Duke of River Forest-Austin Lodge as Chief Justice

Tommy Hendrix of Ravenswood Lodge as Master of Ceremonies

Mark Victoria of Barrington Lodge as Venerable Prophet

Tim Blythe of Hinsdale Lodge as Treasurer

PM Ivan Lugo of Ravenswood Lodge as Secretary

PM Howard E. Schermerhorn of King Oscar Lodge as Chaplain

Cuneo Calcagno of Men in Brotherhood Lodge as Marshal

Edward Hernandez of Glenview Lodge as Captain of the Guard

Marty Kwilosz of Villa Park Lodge as Sentinel

PM William Bussiere of Constellation Lodge as 1 year Trustee

PM Steven Heuberger of St. Cecilia Lodge as 2 year Trustee

PM Richard Pugh of Illumination Lodge as 3 year Trustee

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